"The Full Package" aka "The I Want it All" option is a Four (4) weeks process where it also includes the other options (personalized budget, savings plan, debt repayment plan).

This package is perfect for the individual that want's to take full control of their finances and everything it has to offer. 

With this plan I will work with you on a weekly basis to answer any questions and hold you accountable during your journey

With this service you will receive:

  • 90 Mins Initial Consultation
  • Shift your Money Mindset 
  • Creation of a Realistic Monthly Budget that Aligns with Your Lifestyle.
  • The Budget is Broken Down into a Weekly or Bi-weekly Budget.
  • Full Review of Your Expenses and Spending Habits.
  • Detailed Savings Plans Overview & Trackers
  • Debt Payment Plan (Snowball method or Avalanche method), plus a tracker
  • A Full Detailed Finance Report with Current & Future Picture
  • Identify your Financial Goals & Detailed Plan on How to Achieve Them
  • Identify Your Spending Problems & How to Fix Them
  • Weekly 30-45mins Check-in (4 total)
  • Credit Score 101
  • Retirement Accounts 101
  • Retirement Predictions
  • Credit Cards 101 
  • Feedback On Financial Decisions & Questions
  • Mobile App Set-up Completely Free
  • 90 Mins Final Consultation & Next Steps


Can't afford this service? Don't worry- I offer a payment plan for this services. Just mention it on our initial consultation!