Get $25 When You Bank With SoFi

Get $25 dollars when you open a high yield savings with SoFi & fund it with at least $100. 

Banking with SoFi means you're banking online and receive a higher APY than your normal bank. When you open a SoFi Money Account you will also get a debit card. 

Get $20 When You Invest With Ellevest

Ellevest is a taxable investment account founded by a woman and designed for women BUT anyone could us it. When you make your first investment with Ellevest you will automatically get rewarded your $20 into your account. 

Ellevest let's you invest any amount of money based on your goals and by when you would need it (figured out by answers to some questions). 

Get $10 When You Shop Though Rakuten

Rakuten better known as Ebates. They are the largest cash back rewards company. 

They are affiliate with the stores you shop at so for every commission they get- they give you cash back for your shopping. 

Sign-up & spend at least $25 dollars & get $10 for it.