"Bundle of 3" The Bundle of 3 option includes the same service as "The Basic Budget" PLUS a customized savings plan as well as a customized repayment debt plan based on your needs.

This service is perfect for the individual that wants to achieve their financial goals and become debt free. 

With this plan I focus on creating the plans that work base on your budget and your lifestyle for you to achieve them at a real and reasonable timeframe. 

If you don't need much hand holding but want someone to map up the steps for you- this service is for you

With this service you will receive:

  • 90 Mins initial consultation
  • Creation of a realistic monthly budget that aligns with your lifestyle.
  • The budget is broken down into a weekly or bi-weekly budget.
  • Full review of your expenses and spending habits.
  • Daily/Weekly Spending Tracker
  • Savings Plans overview & trackers
  • Debt Payment Plan (snowball method or avalanche method), plus a tracker
  • A Full Financial Report
  • 1 Hour Final Consultation & Next steps